Board of Directors

2019 Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are made up of elected volunteers from the Walden Reserve Community. The Board serves for a 1 year term, with elections held at each annual HOA meeting. The duties of the Board is to run the day to day affairs of the Community and make decisions for all circumstances that arise. Board of Director meetings are regularly held with notice of meetings posted. Residents are encouraged to attend.


Derrick Warner

Vice President

Derrick Warner


Karen Bramley


Kasey Keys

Members at Large

Jeff Griggs
Louis Perez
Caren Ward
Nicole Adams

Architectural Committee

Per Article VII, Section 3 of the Walden Reserve Covenant of Restrictions, any improvement to any resident must have the approval of the Architectural Committee.

Download the Architectural Improvement Request Form

Once completed it can be sent to the Architectural Committee Chairman to be reviewed by the Architectural Committee. Decisions can take up to 15 days so be sure to submit your request in plenty of time before wanting to begin your project.

Committee Members

Phil Castano – Chairman
Lynn Givens
Jesse Johnson
Joann Rivicci