Walden Reserve was Incorporated as a Homeowners Association on June 27th, 2005. The vision of the Declarant was to establish an executive style home community at affordable pricing for working families to enjoy. In it’s early years it generated great interest from buyers and home construction began to move forward. Then, as with other communities, the vision of the Declarant was blurred by the economy fall of 2008. With construction only being less than 30 percent complete, Walden Reserve sat still with little hope of being completed as a community. But the few residents that had obtained homes did not give up on the vision of Walden Reserve being the community it was set out to be. With the Declarant not able to maintain financial control over the Community, he turned the control of the HOA to the residents and ceased building. The residents held on with little finances to work with mowing the Common grounds themselves, maintaining the landscape, paying utilities and other requirements that needed to be met to keep the vision alive. During the years that passed little interest was shown by builders to complete the building out of Walden Reserve. But the residents never lost hope. In 2012, Ryan Homes committed to take the vision to the end and Walden Reserve once more is flourishing as the community that it was meant to be.